S/He says that

what causes satisfaction is pure form experienced in selfless contemplation. 

"The statement, elevation is beautiful, is not governed by concepts, by which I mean that, you know, you can't give a description that implies that is beautiful, you can't say, well, you know, it is Preussian blue and symmetrical and has a peculiar look and has their cat next to them. And therefore it is beautiful. You can't do that. But the reason is not that elevation is beautiful is a peculiar concept. But because the judgment is not a conclusion. It is a hypothesis or rather a guess, about what will happen when you do elevation. But again, as I said, you can't tell in advance what will happen. That's where I like to think of it in terms of what the fragrance seller of Bhopal said, when s/he defined elevation as a promise of happiness. It's a promise that needs to be kept. It could be kept and be disappointing or worse, it can be kept and be bad for you and you don't know."

  ♪ ♪

  Any time of year

  Any time of year

  Some dance to remember,

  some dance to forget

  And still those voices

  are calling from far away

  Such a lovely place

  Such a lovely place

  What a nice surprise

  What a nice surprise

Beyond the subjectivity of taste

the visitors submit to the aesthetic laws. 

The Apollonian and Dionysian are comingled and synthesized during each elevation. The spiritual core of elevation itself is mythological. Nature's contribution to elevation is not a systematic program, but rather an unpassioned articulation of the sacred, festive and mythic nature of elevation.

"Become aware of your own experience outside of what you already know empirically."

"For me, it could be delusional. Is it about knowing the difference between reality and delusion?"

"Delusion is very different from imagination."

"Imagination ... I think this is really interesting. And I think it is a good thing. But nothing is going to necessarily be beautiful. It doesn't mean that it can't be beautiful, but it is .. it just isn't any longer considered a necessary condition. And so it disappears. We realize that there is no, there is no place for it anymore."

They grow imaginary spaces like mushrooms.

They have imaginary friends. They elevate in imaginary spaces. 

The accidentally elevated @unknown.artists.collective teamed up with an extraterrestrial real estate agent to expand the @das.institut's activities to galaxy ESO 137-001. Located in the constellation Triangulum Australe, galaxy ESO 137-001 looks amazingly like a jellyfish swimming amid a sea of stars. The galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy — together, its stars form a spiral shape with a bar-shaped center — with a twist: streamers of stars that seem to drift like jellyfish tentacles. 

They finally spill information about making their book, giving insight into all of their activities. 
They perform multiple tasks and practices in various disciplines. 
A single profession will never indeed capture the essence of what they contribute to the language of art. 

Until their relocation to ESO 137-001 they expand our notion of landscape (@tiny.landscapes).

Their inflammation

is most marked over the cerebral hemisphere. Paralysis of the half of the body occurs. There is erratic rigidity of the limbs. The superficial reflexes disappear on both sides.  The pupils at first are equally contracted; later they become dilated and fixed. Both optic discs are œdematous and swollen.

Gradually s/he becomes unconscious, shows signs of increasing intra-cranial tension, slowing of the pulse, and laboured respiration.

The temporary relief of symptoms follows the withdrawal of cerebro-spinal fluid by repeated lumbar puncture. 

Nevertheless, the condition will be fatal within three or four days.

Their previous elevation was a desaster.

S/He woke up with multiple fracture of both bones of leg.

Now s/he finds themselves in an intensive care unit.

The medical staff uses one of the most reliable methods of hastening union in these cases. 

They do it by inducing passive hyperæmia of the limb. They apply an elastic bandage above the seat of fracture, sufficiently tightly to congest the limb beyond, and, to concentrate the congestion in the vicinity of the fracture, an ordinary bandage is applied from the distal extremity to within a few inches of the break. The hyperæmia will be maintained for several hours. An apparatus is adjusted to enable the patient to get into the open air.

Their general condition will be improved, by dieting and tonics. 

It was not their first time.

Now s/he feels so much better.

"I'm elevating again."

"How can you still do this?"

"You don't know who you're talking to."

"I want you to take this."


"Whenever you feel lost, this will help you find your way home. Will you remember that?"

"I don't care."

"Please, you are the last person I thought I'd fall for."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"No, please." 

Life has other plans.

The visitors @ifacarts love elevating.

Their special elevation device is an externally applied, non-invasive device which maintains an open channel in situations when advanced alien technology is in danger of being compromised.

One day an elevation technician came up with the idea, that the sensual experience is constrained neither by natural law, nor by moral law. In that playing area, sensibility and reason are brought together by means of the imagination.

It reveals the hidden dynamics. The concept is harmony and perfection. 

They believe that elevation is essentially not suited for representing vile and violent matters. 

From now on, the trajectory of their lives will be like nothing they've ever experienced before.

And there's no going back.

They still have a long journey ahead of them.

"Go home, get some rest."

"That's a good idea. We probably should do that."


[upbeat music "Sweat Loaf" by the Butthole Surfers https://youtu.be/LwknFJpjl9g]

  The funny thing about regret is that it's better to regret

  Something you have done than 

  To regret something that you haven't done

  ♪ ♪

"Let's get started. We have a lot of work to do."

They don't wait any longer.

[phone chiming]

They are with them

talking and making guesses.

But that's not all s/he needs... .

"I want to go now. I want to find it... and come back with more information."

S/He subscribes to the free energy news portal.

There's much more to know.

S/He hopes to learn soon.