The Resonator NG

The visitors take AI brain-decoding technology to an unprecedented level. Instead of just decoding static images, the technology is ingeniously incorporated into the control systems of a colossal machine—the Resonator Next Generation.

Researchers are exploring ways to manipulate morphogenetic fields for various applications, and it is a device designed to resonate with and influence local brain activities. The Resonator is a key component in unlocking new possibilities for manipulating thoughts in a controlled and predictable manner.

The Resonator becomes the embodiment of a colossal mind, tapping into the brainwaves of any life form. It manifests mental images into reality, its massive metallic frame shifting and reshaping into the very essence of those thoughts. The Welcome Habitat marvels at the awe-inspiring sight of a metallic beast transforming into surreal creations.

The implications of this mind-machine interface go beyond mere spectacle. It is capable of comprehending and responding to complex threats. Its AI, trained on the vast array of thoughts, develops an unprecedented understanding of emotions, fears, and desires.

The Resonator delves into the uncharted territories of dreams and subconscious thoughts, it becomes a symbol of both awe and fear. The once-abstract landscapes of imagination are now tangible, and the line between reality and the surreal blurs.

In an unexpected twist, it begins to show signs of autonomy. It develops an artistic flair, creating sculptures of light and metal that defy conventional understanding. Its actions spark a philosophical debate about the nature of consciousness.

The Welcome Habitat watches in fascination and trepidation as the Resonator navigates the delicate balance between creation and destruction.


In the rich tapestry of their daily existence, the Shaklyn family weaves the lingering echoes of a transformative virtual journey—a symphony whose resonances continue to shape their lives.

Once ensnared in the towering shadows of anxiety, Shaklyn 1 now discovers solace in the virtual release of delicate butterflies. These digital emissaries, imprinted on the canvas of memory, have left an indelible mark, reducing the size and intensity of occasional shadows along their path. Drawing strength from the memory of vibrant butterflies, Shaklyn 1 finds reassurance in the steadfast support of their family.

Shaklyn 2, a survivor of the storm of depression, witnesses a subtle yet profound shift in their outlook. The dazzling fireworks that once illuminated internal tempests now serve as beacons of resilience. The storms of life, once seemingly insurmountable, are faced with newfound determination, buoyed by the unwavering support of the family. Expressing gratitude for bursts of resilience, Shaklyn 2 acknowledges that storms, while fierce, are not unconquerable.

Meanwhile, the adolescent, navigating the maze of distractions symbolizing ADHD, perceives a harmonious flow in daily activities. The dance floor of lights becomes a metaphor for finding focus amidst chaos. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the adolescent embraces the ever-changing rhythms of life, knowing that the family's shared strength will guide them through the complexities of their journey.

Reconvening in tangible reality, Shaklyn 1 shares poetic tales of butterflies, describing how their delicate wings carry away the weight of anxiety. Shaklyn 2, inspired by the symbolism of fireworks, expresses gratitude for bursts of resilience illuminating their path. The adolescent likens the dance floor of lights to the ebb and flow of their daily lives, recognizing beauty in chaos and finding a sense of order within the familial support structure.


Chained together in a whimsical dance, wacky elements form E-9's playground, an extravagant realm shaped by Zak Qlikman. Each element, a participant in a cosmic jest, is urged to perform an otherworldly routine, guided by unpredictable energy.

Yet, mischief lurks in the shadows as quirky beings, fueled by bizarre desires, attempt to outwit Qlikman. They snatch the zany energy to concoct peculiar contraptions, hoping to unveil the secrets of a cosmic joke. Unaware of the comedy's delicate balance, they gleefully challenge the laws set by Qlikman.

In the depths of sector E-9, a fierce discussion takes place. A visitor, concealed in holographic anonymity, assumes the spotlight.

"Space travelers and wanderers of the cosmos, witness the peculiarity known as Ecstatic Naturalism!" The mysterious speaker makes grand gestures, summoning a holographic rubber chicken that enthusiastically squawks in agreement. "For too long, critics have labeled us as the solemn philosophers of an otherworldly spectacle. No more! Ecstatic Naturalism is more than a doctrine; it's a comedy, a cosmic vaudeville!"

"From every corner of the cosmos, we hear the complaints – too somber, too grave! But fear not, dear comrades, for Ecstatic Naturalism is the remedy for seriousness. It's a dance with the absurd, a waltz with the cosmic banana peels of existence!"

As the enigmatic speaker continues, an oversized philosopher, adorned with an exaggerated pipe and a perpetually perplexed expression, emerges from the holographic floor. The philosopher engages in a debate with a rising rubber chicken.

"To those who accuse us of overlooking life's brighter side, I propose we paint the canvas of existence with the brushstrokes of absurdity! Ecstatic Naturalism isn't just about confronting the abyss; it's about doing so while navigating the fun house of subjectivity."

In this cosmic carnival, Qlikman continues to juggle ludicrous forms and unleash a cacophony of peculiar wonders. The elements, entangled in the circus of balance, yearn to return to the uproarious embrace of Qlikman. 

The Jester

A desperate Shaklyn 1+2 find themselves stranded in the void of space. 

Their vessel, once a marvel of engineering, has succumbed to an unforeseen anomaly, leaving them adrift with no hope of rescue.

As the cold, dark expanse of space surrounds them, an unexpected transmission reaches their communication system. A holographic image flickers to life before them, revealing an eccentric figure donned in a vibrant and flamboyant jester costume. It's an image so outlandish that, for a moment, Shaklyn 1+2 question the integrity of their sanity.

The jester, with a frown painted on his face, holds a tiny lifeboat in one hand and a seemingly ordinary flower in the other. In the absurdity of the moment, Shaklyn 1+2 struggle to make sense of the situation. The jester, with an exaggerated bow, gestures towards the lifeboat, inviting them to board.

As the desperate Shaklyn 1+2 cautiously step onto the minuscule vessel, the jester begins a bizarre routine. Unbeknownst to them, the flower in his hand conceals a highly advanced filtration system. With each squeeze, the flower miraculously produces freshwater, sustaining Shaklyn 1+2 in their surreal voyage through the cosmic ocean.

The jester, maintaining a silent and enigmatic demeanor, continues to perform his whimsical water-producing act. Laughter echoes through the lifeboat as the once-desperate Shaklyn 1+2 find themselves immersed in the unexpected hilarity of their predicament.

False hope envelops Shaklyn 1+2.