An encounter unfolds between two visitors amidst a futuristic chaos.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Not much."

As they converse, it becomes apparent that one visitor harbors unconventional intentions.

The dialogue unfolds against the backdrop of a city where technological marvels clash with the remnants of a bygone era. Neon lights flicker alongside holographic billboards, and futuristic vehicles whizz past crumbling buildings.

"So, what, do you fancy yourself as some sort of artist, or what?"

"No, I'm an anti-artist."

"Oh, one of those hipster types that hang out in coffee shops and doesn't do much of anything, yeah."

"No, I feel like being an anti-artist means that... Wake up, Welcome Habitat. Only later will it clarify itself and become coherent."

As the conversation veers into cryptic musings, the atmosphere hints at a rebellion against the controlled order of the Welcome Habitat. The anti-artist speaks of a vision—a chaotic and explosive solution to societal issues.

"Weapons giveaway program. Anything you want. I wanna see everything blowin' up."

In this dystopian present, the visitor carries a message—a radical call for change, a chaotic artist seeking to unravel the threads of societal norms, armed with a vision that blurs the lines between creation and destruction.

The Welcome Habitat awaits the arrival of the anti-artist.


Aidan is a puppet master of manipulation. 

In a parallel universe where money holds the key to power, s/he orchestrates mean-spirited tricks and cunning schemes with ruthless precision, leaving a trail of emotional turmoil in their wake.

Zak Qlikman, finds themself ensnared in Aidan’s web of deceit. Aidan's wealth becomes the weapon s/he wields, manipulating Zak's reality and creating a distorted narrative that fosters a constant sense of guilt and inadequacy.

As Aidan's schemes unfold, the stark contrast between affluence and vulnerability becomes evident. Their social texture, driven by the influence of wealth, struggles to counter the insidious force that s/he represents. Zak, caught in the crossfire, grapples with the emotional toll of Aidan's calculated maneuvers.

In the absence of cybernetic enhancements, Aidan relies on the power of financial manipulation to shape destinies and control perceptions. Their wealth acts as a tool to mold reality, leaving those around them questioning the authenticity of their experiences.

As Aidan's narrative unfolds, it becomes a stark reminder of the enduring impact of unchecked narcissism in a society where the pursuit of power and manipulation takes on a new, ominous form through the lens of vast financial resources.

Love Hotel

The night crackles with energy. The Welcome Habitat's rhythm is pulsating through the veins of the streets. Neon signs cast an otherworldly glow on the facade of the "Love Hotel," a building that beckons with vibrant lights and an air of mystery.

A conversation unfolds between Charamaynne and Shaklyn 1+2 who have just crossed paths.

"So how long have you lived here?" 

"Uh, somewhere in the neighborhood of about six weeks," replies Charamaynne.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, well, you know. I just skipped out of my old place. Been crashing on couches and shit," s/he confesses.

"Do you like it here?"

"You can't leave anything out."

As they talk, the conversation shifts to the peculiar events that unfolded in Shakly 1+2’s apartment. Ants invaded, creating chaos and devouring everything in their path.

"The ants have chewed through the Styrofoam cup. And they're like all the way in 'em and shit. And they ate the crackers. They ate the Ding Dongs, believe it or not. The only things left are cans and jars. We gotta put the bread and everything in the fridge. So everything's all cold," they describe, a mix of frustration and amusement in their tone.

Their banter continues as they explore the eccentricities of life, relationships and their enigmatic nature. Eventually, they find themselves in the Love Hotel.

Later they contemplate the unexplainable sadness that permeates the air.


Happy New Year

A clandestine assembly of visitors forms on the brink of the New Year. The looming midnight countdown serves as a backdrop to a radical discourse challenging the established narrative.

As seconds tick away, an air of defiance saturates the gathering. Conversations weave through unconventional ideas, seeking to dismantle the pervasive control imposed by the Administration. The urgent call for a fresh inception permeates the dissonant exchanges.

The scene transitions to a hidden theater, a stage for an absurd drama unfurling in surreal proportions. Characters engage in poetic dialogues, contemplating the necessity of erasing familiar faces. 

A performance takes the spotlight, embodying the surreal dance of resistance. Characters grapple with the consequences of their mission, enveloped in rhythmic dialogues echoing the urgency of their cause. 

As the New Year emerges, the assembly disperses – some seeking refuge at the Welcome Habitat, while others stay, still captivated by the mesmerizing show. The surreal dialogues encapsulate  the struggle between conformity and rebellion in a world manipulated by invisible forces.

The narrative unfolds through disjointed scenes, a reflection of the characters' journey into the unknown. Rhythmic chants persist, underscoring the urgency of their subversive actions.