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Paper SciFi 

The Visitor project delves into the realm of process-based expression, utilizing the ever-shifting context as its malleable foundation. The artistic endeavor encompasses a dynamic scenography, seamlessly blending intricate paper sculptures with evocative text, thus birthing a realm of profound contemplation.

Within this artistic enactment, the concept of 'worldmaking' serves as a guiding framework, fostering the creation of a plethora of imaginative scenarios that embrace a diversity of perspectives. Rooted in the ethos of embracing ambiguity, discomfort, and the spaces where knowledge remains elusive, the project challenges conventional notions.

In the eyes of the beholder, the notion of a singular, objective reality dissolves, replaced by a nuanced understanding of the multiplicity of worlds, each sculpted by creative processes rather than imposed certainties. This realization propels an ongoing state of transformation, where worlds are in constant flux, continuously evolving rather than fixed in stone.

Inviting visitors to immerse themselves in this conceptual tapestry, "The Visitors" conjures a transcendent, unanchored mental space, teeming with possibilities for diverse thought experiments and improvisations. It stands as a free-spirited sanctuary for unfettered creativity, allowing for the exploration of uncharted intellectual territories and unfettered artistic expressions of all shades.

This is absolutely brilliant, breathtaking; there are echoes of everyone from Guston to the performances of Cage and others @ 9 evenings to happenings; I see echoes of David Bohm, who's from my home town etc. etc. But the combination of everything, the performance aspect, occasioned by stop-motion/real-time/etc. is phenomenal. I'm not on Mastodon, at least not now, and hope you keep posting this work and others - would love to know more about your process, etc. 

Thank you greatly, wonderful -

Alan Sondheim