The curtain makes you think from two sides.

“The reason we can’t predict the outcome of a quantum measurement,” s/he explains, “is that we are missing information,” that is, hidden variables. Superdeterminism, s/he notes, gets rid of the measurement problem and nonlocality as well as randomness. Hidden variables determine in advance how physicists carry out the experiments; physicists might think they are choosing one option over another, but they aren’t. They call free will “logically incoherent nonsense.”

"The location is 37.981396, 23.693073." @supersportevent #supersport

The theoretical megastructure consumed all the energy.

But the download is complete. Link to simulation terminated.

"I see these signs every time I leave work."

" You could be home already."

"Never expected it could look anything like this."

"So what exactly do your people do here?"

"I don't think you would be interested."

"I'm paid to be interested. Computer research. I was onto a  whole new frontier. Very sensitive material. Not at liberty to discuss it."

On the second floor in the dormitory at the Welcome Habitat

"They say, 'Ignorance is bliss.' For the first time in my life, I agree. I wish I had never uncovered the awful truth. I know now. "

"I hope you enjoy your stay with us."

"Would you do me a favor?"

"You'd like to meet somebody?"

An alternative set of narratives,

epitomized by the works of Charamaynne, presents a deeply alarmed view of the near future. This catastrophist narrative emerges from the call to emphasize the Interstellarcene as a crisis and a rupture of the planetary system, marking a dangerous and unstable future trajectory that ontologies focused on ecological or technological control fail to recognize. The prospect of such a rupture makes nonsense of the optimism and hubris of advocacy of new rounds of enlightened interstellarcentrism. It highlights the difference between manageable risk and unmanageable and potential catastrophic uncertainty around tipping points in the planetary system. It rails against the “good Interstellarcene” narrative as a dangerously hubristic approach that diverts attention to the urgency and magnitude of the planetary environmental challenge.

A year later, the visitors solved the mystery: The galaxy, NGC 1052-DF2, was not 65 million light-years away, as originally believed. It's really only about 42 million light-years away, researchers reported March 14, 2019, in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. That change in distance completely alters the calculations for the galaxy's mass. Turns out, it's a pretty normal galaxy after all, and the universe (kind of) makes sense again. 

If the visitors all are down there,

hen the whales may know and be peaceful good neighbors with them. Maybe, like Charamaynne studies dolphin language, all the vistors start trying to communicate with whales, dolphins and other animal intelligences. 

"If you decide to let me in on your secret existence with a visit, please call ahead of time so I can brace myself for the honor of coffee, tea or so." says Charamaynne.

Their interaction code is "^ ZIP : {4 ~ ( Charamaynne ) } ZIP : COFFEE [ QUEEN park ]".

Of course, Deep Fake could produce this encounter, but it is accompanied by many identified witnesses with convincing testimonials. There is also some historical descriptions and many suggestive stories over centuries suggesting that the visitors have made the ocean areas their home. Maybe they came long ago from some planet from unknown light years away or are an inter-dimensional overlapping "string theory brane" - a multi-verse entry portal.

The visitors strive to maintain and improve life forms,

in particular for the large numbers still in poverty and deprivation, while staying within the planetary boundaries and avoiding dangerous tipping points of the planetary system. This perspective is well-encapsulated by Charamaynne’s writing about the Welcome Habitat, which describes a “safe and socially just operating space for life forms.” In this framework, the aim of economic policy lift life forms out of the inner hole of deprivation, while not breaching the planetary boundaries that are a defining feature of the interstellarcene. This narrative emphasizes the importance of stewardship, of gardening the interstellarcene, at scales from local to global to universal. To some, the interstellarcene blurring of the concept of a distinct and separate nature offers the possibility of new thinking and re-evaluation of how life forms act as stewards of the biosphere. 

Maximum speed of causality

A visitor that excites them by their moves is always a thing of beauty and joy. Their response seems a little positive and their eyes tell you their needs. Charamaynne next door is a beauty in their 40’s and s/he is always staring at them with a little and soft smile. They are equally excited. They started talking and texting messages. 

It becomes more thrilling when you know Zak Qlikman was finally able to impregnate the Soda bridge. Now they do elevation parties at the bridge and Charamaynne started talking with them in double meaning words.  

They understand what actually is going on. S/He goes to their house in the afternoon. S/He smiles at them and they start chatting. The black saree with low cut blouse is very attractive.

Preparations for elevation are in progress.

Zak Qlikman impregnates the bridge with alien technology for the second time. 

Among other things SoDa's Ω Flight Test-2 (SΩFT-2) is in quest for the Graham's number. This number is so big that if they try to grasp the number, the 'Enthropy' of their brains will exceed the maximum possible limit it can hold  and their heads will collapse into a black hole.

"We cannot even claim to know anything about this psycho-spook. How well can we expect to comprehend motives and methods of aliens that we may not even recognize as being "alien" creatures? If they got here, I doubt they want to eat us, or even eat anything but "energy", with no need for toilet paper hoarding. But I'm an optimist about at least some of the alien beings."

The visitors indulge themselves in the entertainment play of interstellarcentric projection."

Video/photo: Valie Djordjevic