Charamaynne is traversing distances that span millions of light-years.

Despite the vastness of their travels and the countless galaxies and star systems explored, s/he can't escape the sensation that their destination remains elusive. It's as if the more s/he ventures into the depths of space, the farther the goal appears. As s/he moves at incredible speeds, the effects of time dilation become apparent. Time itself slows down for them, causing all processes, both internal and external, to pass by at a leisurely pace relative to those not embarked on this extraordinary voyage. This temporal distortion heightens the sense of stagnation and reinforces the feeling of being endlessly distant from their desired endpoint.

Curiosity and a sense of adventure propel them forward, venturing into the unknown with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. However, an undercurrent of caution tugs at their instinct. In this moment of uncertainty, Charamaynne grapples with conflicting emotions. S/He stands at the precipice of the unknown, torn between curiosity and the need for self-preservation. Charamaynne sets off to the Welcome Habitat.

Charamaynne feels a shift in the very fabric of reality.

Suddenly s/he sits alone in a cramped community room, their head throbbing as s/he tries to piece together the past events. 

Charamaynne mistakes the fragrance seller from Bhopal for the visitor from a planet that never existed. 

"Excuse me. You look familiar. Have we met before?" Charamaynne asked, trying not to sound too suspicious.

The fragrance seller from Bhopal raises an eyebrow, "I don't think so. I've  been here only for a few months."

Charamaynne nods, "Right, sorry. It's just that you reminded me of someone I was looking for."

"Who are you looking for?" The fragrance seller from Bhopal asks, intrigued.

"The visitor from a planet that never existed. S/He's disappeared, and I've been trying to locate them," Charamaynne explains.

The fragrance seller from Bhopal's eyes widened, "The visitor from a planet that never existed? I know them. S/He used to come here often. But s/he hasn't been in for a while."

"Could you tell me anything more about them or where s/he might be?" Charamaynne asks eagerly.

The fragrance seller from Bhopal shakes their head, "I'm sorry, I don't know. But I do have their contact details. S/He left it with me in case anyone asked."

Charamaynne's heart leaps with excitement. 

The fragrance seller from Bhopal jots down the digits and hands it to Charamaynne. "Good luck finding them."

Interstellar Information Agency

Charamaynne approaches Shaklyn 1+2. They are disguised in a different identity, playing their part in an intricate scheme.

"Did the fragrance seller from Bhopal leave anything for me?"

Shaklyn 2's face brightens with recognition, realizing that Charamaynne is onto something significant. They nod, understanding the gravity of the situation. Reaching into their purse, Shaklyn 2 retrieves a crumpled piece of paper and hands it to Charamaynne.

Charamaynne unfolds the paper and begins to read its contents rapidly. Their eyes widen with each word, as the truth reveals itself before them. The document outlines a shocking conspiracy, stating that the world they know is merely a hologram, concealing the existence of hidden worlds, secret societies, and profound secrets that stretch to the ends of the universe.

Charamaynne's skepticism begins to waver as the evidence presents itself in the words on the paper. They realize that their initial doubts were unfounded, and the claims made in the document are indeed genuine. 

Moreover, Charamaynne has witnessed Shaklyn 1+2 executing a skillful switcheroo, providing tangible evidence that their actions and identities are not as they initially seemed. The revelation sends shivers down Charamaynne's spine, realizing that they have been unwittingly entangled in a web of deception.

With newfound determination, Charamaynne looks up at Shaklyn 1+2, their eyes filled with a mix of awe, curiosity, and a hint of fear. They understand that these agents hold the key to unraveling the mysterious conspiracy that has been hidden from the world.

"You both have been to the ends of the universe, haven't you?" Charamaynne asks, their voice trembling with anticipation.

Shaklyn 1+2 exchange a knowing glance before Shaklyn 1 steps forward, their voice steady yet filled with an air of secrecy. 

A secret organisation exists in the Welcome Habitat.

It is known as the Interstellar Information Agency (IIA). The IIA is responsible for monitoring and preserving knowledge across the universe, safeguarding the truth from those who seek to manipulate it for their own gain.

It comes as no surprise that Shaklyn 1+2 are agents of the IIA. They are highly skilled operatives known for their ability to seamlessly blend into any environment. They are experts at infiltration, gathering information, and executing covert missions with utmost precision. They work in pairs, relying on their exceptional synchronicity and trust to accomplish their objectives.

They are on a mission to retrieve classified data from a clandestine organization when Charamaynne encounters Shaklyn 1+2. Charamaynne has come across information that hints at a vast conspiracy. Charamaynne, intrigued yet unsure of the information' authenticity, seeks out the two agents. 

Charamaynne never expected to be in this situation.

S/He had always thought that their life was simple, straightforward. But everything changed when s/he received that letter. The letter that told them that everything s/he knew was fake. That there was another world on top of this one. 

Charamaynne didn't understand it all. 

The lifeform in front of Charamaynne, the one who claimed to know everything, was pointing a weapon at them. Charamaynne knew s/he was in danger. S/He looked at the lifeform's face, trying to understand what s/he wanted from them. 

"We're stuck here," the lifeform says. "You and me. And the rest of us."

Charamaynne swallowed hard. S/He couldn't believe that this was happening to them. S/He has always been a law-abiding citizen, never gotten into trouble. But now, s/he was a pawn in a game s/he didn't even know existed.

Charamaynne turns their head and sees another lifeform in the room. S/He looks at them with a mix of sympathy and disdain.

Shaklyn 1+2 wake up

and find themselves in an intensive care unit. Tubes and wires are attached to their body, monitoring their vital signs. Charamaynne is sitting by their bedside, looking worried.

"What happened?" Shaklyn 1 ask weakly.

"You were hit by a blaster bolt," Charamaynne says. "We managed to get you out of there, but you were in pretty bad shape."

Shaklyn 1+2 winces as they try to sit up. "We have to get out of here," they say. "We have to find the visitor from a planet that never existed."

Charamaynne nods. "I know. But we have to take it slow. You need to recover first."

Shaklyn 1+2 grudgingly nod in agreement, knowing that they are in no condition to do anything yet. They lie back down, feeling the pain in their body and the frustration of their situation. They close their eyes, trying to gather their thoughts and make sense of everything that has happened.

As they drift off to sleep, memories of the attack flood their mind. They remember the lifeform with the weapon, the struggle, and the darkness that followed. They try to recall more details, but the memories are still hazy.

Days pass, and Shaklyn 1+2 slowly start to recover. Charamaynne remains by their side, providing support and encouragement. Shaklyn 1+2 use the moments of consciousness to gather information and plan their next steps.

Accidents happen.

That's what everyone says. But in a quantum universe there are no such things as accidents, only possibilities and probabilities folded into existence by perception.

The night one day ago

Charamaynne encountered bizarre and unsettling occurrences that defied explanation. Time itself seemed to twist and contort around them, and s/he found themself transported to places that should not exist. Nevertheless, s/he persisted, driven by an unyielding desire to uncover the truth.

Finally, after an agonizingly long period of travelling, s/he stumbled upon a concealed laboratory, hidden away in a remote corner of the cosmos. Within its walls, s/he found a team of scientists huddled over a collection of enigmatic devices, whispering to one another in hushed tones.

Charamaynne approached the scientists, their heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

"What are you doing here?" Charamaynne demanded. 

The scientists looked up in astonishment, taken aback by the unexpected appearance of the newcomer. They exchanged nervous glances before one of them stepped forward, an expression of terror etched onto their face.

"We've made a terrible mistake," s/he admitted. "We thought we could unlock the secrets of the universe, but instead, we've unleashed something we can't control."

"What do you mean?" Charamaynne asked, their voice trembling slightly.

"We've opened a rift in space-time," the scientist explained. "And it's tearing our reality apart. We don't know how to stop it."

Charamaynne exchanged a worried glance, realizing that they might be the only ones capable of averting the catastrophe that loomed before them.

"We have to do something."

"But what can we do?"

With trembling hands, they activated the instruments, praying that their strategy would succeed.

Other side

Shaklyn 1+2 materialize on the other side. They find themselves in a sterile room with no windows and no doors. The only light comes from a pulsating device in the center of the room. Shaklyn 1+2 recognize the device immediately - it is the same one that has sent them on that strange journey through their memories.

As they look around, they realize that they are not alone. There are other lifeforms in the room with them. They are inmates - people from all walks of life, all staring at the device in the center of the room with a mix of fear and fascination.

Shaklyn 1 tries to approach one of the other captives, but is quickly pushed back by a group of guards.

"We have to get out of here," whispers Shaklyn 2, pulling Shaklyn 1 back towards her. "We have to find a way to shut down this machine."

Shaklyn 1 nods, but s/he knows it wouldn't be easy. They are outnumbered and outgunned, and they have no idea where they are or who is behind this operation. But s/he also knows that they have to try. They can't just sit back and watch as innocent lifeforms are held captive and experimented on.

Over the next few days, Shaklyn 1+2 work tirelessly to gather information and find a way out. They discover that the facility is run by a corporation that has been experimenting on lifeforms for years, using the machine to extract memories and information from their brains.

They also learn that the only way to shutdown the machine is to destroy the device in the center of the room. But that would mean getting past the guards, breaking into the inner sanctum, and risking their own lives.

As the days turned into weeks, Shaklyn 1+2 begin to lose hope.