The black hole

Gaia BH1 is their gateway to the tenth dimension. In this final dimension, they arrive at the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Beyond this, nothing can be imagined by the visitors.

The stars  begin to blur and morph, forming intricate patterns and shapes that seem to dance and twirl in front of their eyes. Charamaynne hurtles through the vast expanse of space. 

Shaklyn 1+2 suddenly find themselves in the company of Charamaynne. Shaklyn 1+2 know immediately that they are experiencing an interstellar hallucination, a rare but thrilling occurrence that has been the subject of countless stories and legends among interstellar visitors.

They are filled with a sense of joy and happiness, marveling at the beauty and complexity of their new surroundings.

But as Shaklyn 1+2 grapple with their thoughts and feelings, they are lifted out of the now and into a different plane of existence.

As the light fades Shaklyn 1+2 are filled with a sense of purpose and clarity, knowing that they have been given a glimpse of something truly extraordinary.

They arrive at the information center.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for a visitor from a planet that never existed."

"At the bar opposite." 

The visitor from a planet that never existed is the only guest.

"The info desk just sent us over here."

"What can I do you for?"

"You know someone named Charamaynne?"


S/He turns to the barkeeper. 

"Gin Martini, up with one olive and frigid as planet Uranus."

"Talked to them recently."

S/He takes a sip of the Martini, feeling the coldness wash over their body. They close their eyes for a moment, savoring the taste.

"But I don't remeber meeting them, Can I ask you something?"


"What is it like?"

"What is what like?"

"Seeing things that no one else has seen."

"It's...difficult to describe. Lonely, sometimes. But also, there's a kind of intimacy in it. A cold intimacy. You're seeing things that are so far beyond what others can comprehend, and that can be both exhilarating and isolating."

"I've always wanted to see something like that. To experience something new and different."

"Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, the things you see can be more than you bargained for."

As they speak, they are about to drown in the infinite void of space. In a moment of desperation, Shaklyn 1+2 activate the elevation device that lifts them once again. The visitors surround them, their glowing forms a comforting presence in the darkness.

As they catch their breath, they realize that their encounter with the visitors was just a hallucination.

The cold intimacy they had felt before was now replaced by a warmth, a feeling of belonging in a universe that had once felt so vast and unknowable. And as they continue their journey, they carry with them the knowledge that hope for connection and understanding is an illusion.

Shaklyn 1+2 ain't going to do nothing wrong no more.  

S/He can't shake the feeling

that what s/he had experienced was real. 
Shaklyn 1 gazes out at the expanse of stars, grateful for the newfound sense of belonging s/he had experienced. As s/he contemplates the significance of the encounter, s/he can't help but wonder about their fate being lost in the void.

But amidst their thoughts, a voice echoes in their mind, one that seems to emanate from the very fabric of the alien world around them. "Fear not, for we have already saved you," the voice says, as Shaklyn 1 feels a surge of relief and gratitude wash over them.

As s/he turns to leave, some visitors form a circle around them, their radiance intensifies to a blinding light. For a moment, Shaklyn 1 is lost in a state of pure bliss, a sense of interconnectedness with all that surrounds them.

Shaklyn 2 looking at Shaklyn 1 with concern. "What happened?" s/he asks, but Shaklyn 1 can't find the words to describe what happened. Instead, s/he simply smiles and takes comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone, that amidst the vastness of space, there are beings that share in their experiences and emotions. And with that, Shaklyn 1+2 continue their elevation trip.

The machine starts.

They are having these hallucinations. 

"Beautiful visitors, strange landscapes, all of it so vivid."

"You think it's the machine?"

"I think it's something the machine has opened up in my mind. And I'm not the only one. I've heard reports of others having

similar experiences. And then there's the drowning."

"The drowning?"

"Yes. One of the visitors drowned in their bathtub a few days ago. They found them with a look of terror on their face, like s/he'd seen something that had scared him to death."

"And you think it's connected to the machine?"

"I do. I think s/he somehow stumbled upon the same thing we did. And I think it drove them mad. But I can't stop now."

Sharlyn 1+2 realize that they had stumbled upon something much bigger than they had initially anticipated. However, it is also incredibly dangerous, as any miscalculation could result in being pulled into the black hole's event horizon, never to return. 

They step into the machine, Shaklyn 1 watches in horror. S/He wants to stop Shaklyn 2, to tell them it's not worth the risk.

But s/he knows s/he won't listen. And so s/he can only watch as the machine hums to life, and Shaklyn 1 disappears.

The machine's lights flicker and fade.

A visitor from

another universe brings a unique perspective to their current situation. They make sure that everyone is heard and respected when it comes to making decisions. It could be the key to unlocking a solution that benefits all involved.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for the visitor from a planet that never existed."

"What do you want them for?" 

"I am interested in a scientist."

"Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"I want to ask them some questions."

"S/He's got a new job now. Maybe I cant help but I'm not much of a technical person, you know. You been here before?"

"Um, no." 

"You look kind of familiar. It doesn't ring a bell. Guess you just have one of those familiar faces. Oh, it's late. I'd like to close up now." 

"Of course. Anyway, can you tell me where I can find the visitor from a planet that never existed?"

"Are you an agent?"


"Go to the museum."

At the museum an artist’s impression depicts the paths of photons in the vicinity of a black hole. This is an enormously important component that goes into their calculations. They found that there is always one trajectory they could take near any black hole that would slingshot them back from the direction they came. That's the only way they know of that they could travel in a straight line and return to our starting point. 

They are going to do it.

Alternative facts

"Up until now, I have believed the visitor from a planet that does not exist did successful elevations although s/he admitted to misconduct in their follow-up paper... Now, I am not sure whether the promised elevations really happened."

In its final report, the panel reaffirmed its previous findings while announcing additional discoveries. 

"I know how strange this sounds. I can't remember."

"What do you mean, you can't remember? Did you talk to the Charamaynne about this?"

"No, but the elevation technician will, if I don't pay up. I know how crazy this sounds."

"You can't just plug your brain into this machine and not expect to be affected by it please walk away from this before you get hurt too."

"Why do I get the feeling we've met before?"

"Maybe, we have, in another life."

"What are you doing here? What is that other life like?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

Every day,

the visitor from a planet that never existed turns up at the laboratory at 6 AM and leaves at midnight. As s/he stated themself, "I work all day long .. It is my habit and hobby. I am driven by the quest to find solutions for the impossible."

In the midst of confusion at the Welcome Habitat, s/he disappears from public sight, to be hospitalized for alleged stress-related fatigue, while public opinion gradually begins to turn against the visitor from a planet that never existed.

"But if the laboratory is open I will try to slip in."


"Hallo can someone come get us?"

"Ahhh... if the key is there, someone will need to communicate to the owner of the building that the key is in the building."

"Not sure."

"Can u msg me?"

"I know that you folks are still figuring out elevation. Soon you'll be pros. All good! Please aim to arrive ten minutes before the start so we're ready on time."

Some scientists have started questioning the work of visitor from a planet that never existed.

S/He is charged with embezzlement and elevation law violations after it emerged much of their research had been faked.

The elevation device in question supposedly calculates if the subject is ready to go on to the next stage. 

S/He helds a press conference to apologize for the entire fiasco, but still does not admit to cheating. Instead, s/he explicitly puts the blame on other members of their research project for having deceived them with false data and alleged a conspiracy, saying that their projects had been sabotaged and that there was theft of materials involved. 

S/He requests to officially conduct a probe to the allegations surrounding them.

They say that

they have to be cute.

"OK, they are cute, but are they cute enough?"

Following on the earlier success, the visitor from a planet that never existed announced that their team of researchers successfully cloned again Shaklyn 1 and 2.

Now Shaklyn 1 and 2 are advised to pout and cup their chins to pretend to be cute bunnies and kittens. The more fluff, the better.

But some visitors feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to commit an act of aggression when they see something cute. Researchers say cute aggression may be a neural mechanism that mediates feelings of being overwhelmed.

Later the visitor from a planet that never existed apologized for their actions. In an interview s/he said, "I was blinded by work and my drive for achievement."

Cloning Shaklyn 1 + 2 was followed by genetic modification. They received some significant improvements. With their advanced knowledge, they wind up practically anywhere they choose by activating an elevation device with the perfect trajectory throughout the galaxy and Universe.

They want to go home. But they failed.

"I am so sorry I thought I was rocking this elevation thing! I went the wrong way." 

"It says 28 minutes now! To turn around and get back."