The visitors strive to maintain and improve life forms,

in particular for the large numbers still in poverty and deprivation, while staying within the planetary boundaries and avoiding dangerous tipping points of the planetary system. This perspective is well-encapsulated by Charamaynne’s writing about the Welcome Habitat, which describes a “safe and socially just operating space for life forms.” In this framework, the aim of economic policy lift life forms out of the inner hole of deprivation, while not breaching the planetary boundaries that are a defining feature of the interstellarcene. This narrative emphasizes the importance of stewardship, of gardening the interstellarcene, at scales from local to global to universal. To some, the interstellarcene blurring of the concept of a distinct and separate nature offers the possibility of new thinking and re-evaluation of how life forms act as stewards of the biosphere. 

Maximum speed of causality

A visitor that excites them by their moves is always a thing of beauty and joy. Their response seems a little positive and their eyes tell you their needs. Charamaynne next door is a beauty in their 40’s and s/he is always staring at them with a little and soft smile. They are equally excited. They started talking and texting messages. 

It becomes more thrilling when you know Zak Qlikman was finally able to impregnate the Soda bridge. Now they do elevation parties at the bridge and Charamaynne started talking with them in double meaning words.  

They understand what actually is going on. S/He goes to their house in the afternoon. S/He smiles at them and they start chatting. The black saree with low cut blouse is very attractive.

Preparations for elevation are in progress.

Zak Qlikman impregnates the bridge with alien technology for the second time. 

Among other things SoDa's Ω Flight Test-2 (SΩFT-2) is in quest for the Graham's number. This number is so big that if they try to grasp the number, the 'Enthropy' of their brains will exceed the maximum possible limit it can hold  and their heads will collapse into a black hole.

"We cannot even claim to know anything about this psycho-spook. How well can we expect to comprehend motives and methods of aliens that we may not even recognize as being "alien" creatures? If they got here, I doubt they want to eat us, or even eat anything but "energy", with no need for toilet paper hoarding. But I'm an optimist about at least some of the alien beings."

The visitors indulge themselves in the entertainment play of interstellarcentric projection."

Video/photo: Valie Djordjevic

The SoDa Bridge got impregnated with alien technology.

Be our guest for the launch of SoDa's Ω Flight Test-2 (SΩFT-2).

Liftoff is targeted for Saturday 14th May 2022, from Space Launch Complex-41 at SoDa Space Force Station in Euskirchen Germany. Guests that were registered for the August 2021 attempt, do not need to register again.

SΩFT-2’s flight will dock to the Betelgeuze Space Station as part of SoDa’s Commercial Crew Program. The mission will test the end-to-end capabilities from launch to docking to a return to TrES-4 – Giant World.

Register for SΩFT-2 at to receive mission updates, interactive opportunities and make a donation to receive your own original elevation coupon.

SoDa Guest Operations

Let us know if you have any questions. 


MPHX+4GX Euskirchen, Germany

A small elevation incident happened.

The fragrance seller of Bhopal tries to take it upon themselves, which unfortunatelly creates additional problems.  

"... some think they are always right."

"Yes, that’s how it is." 

"Hey, hey, get back here."

"Where's the entrance?. Give me the key."

"Please open the door."

"Oh, my God."

"Get out!" 

"You get in!"

Most of the elevation sessions, when lifeforms complain about their problems show that they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Now they live in the Lyman-alpha forest.

Strewn throughout the universe are trees of hydrogen gas that absorb light from distant objects. These gas clouds leave numerous absorption lines in a distant quasar's spectra, together called the Lyman-alpha forest. Distant quasars appear to be absorbed by many more Lyman-alpha clouds than nearby quasars, indicating a Lyman-alpha thicket early in our universe. 

Much remains unknown about the Lyman-alpha forest, including the real geometry and extent of the clouds, and why there are so many fewer clouds today.

The visitors spend a lot of extra time on their inner feelings.

"You've all been extremely interesting to me and your existence is still about as speculative as the brain inner workings themselves - which, in a dream state, create collaged, often surrealist narratives out of fantasy assisted, stored memory patchworks of both the real and imagined events of one's seemingly veritable sensory life."

"I too have been wondering, reading, looking (even advertising) to meet up with you. Also I spent some considerable time and thought on you and the paranormal realm you may hide in; it has been like a decades long pondering of the proposed cosmological models and life origins - a bit obsessive - like a moving itch you can't scratch."

S/He is the last person they thought they'd fall for.

S/He confuses the authentic and the fake. So s/he ends up thinking that totally fake things are the real thing totally fake depictions of virtue or real virtue or success or greatness or courage. After all, s/he says, a good person is rather boring, because s/he never changes very much. 

A reptiloid appears and talks about their theory.

"We have never departed you and your world. And the world is not as you think you see it with your two outer eyes. We do not see skies like you see skies. We see into the eye of the atom. And you know that when you smash an atom you see volumes of infinity emerging from that microscopic eye. We indwell, ourselves, our eye — we are interspacial beings coming out, emerging or slowing up our molecular rate that you might perceive us."

The end of science has arrived at the Welcome Habitat.

Quantum Mechanics rule out free will. Superdeterminism says their choices are illusory.

The apparent randomness of quantum events; their apparent dependence on observation, or measurement; and the apparent ability of a measurement in one place to determine, instantly, the outcome of a measurement elsewhere, an effect called nonlocality.

Zak Qlikman derided nonlocality as “spooky action at a distance”. S/He insists that quantum mechanics must be incomplete; there must be hidden variables that the theory overlooks. 

Now they think of action at a distance, the concept in physics of nonlocal interactions.

"Now — now — I explain — when — when such power moves in, the strange sounds are caused by the power taking over.  You see Charamaynne squirming about because we are putting into them being high voltage and in order to receive us and maintain themself, s/he has had to build up their electrodes to meet our high voltage."  

(change in voice tone)  

"Well that's the way they come in.  And then they release me and then apparently I talk."