An explosive combination.

"Do you think Vin'nyla can handle it?"

"Am I to understand that your secret ingredient is ...alcohol?"

"Care for a little snort?"

Bourbon and beans. 

"Are you kidding? With that metabolism s/he could eat a bowl of termites and it wouldn't bother them."

"I insult them and they take it as a compliment."

S/He is using their new electronic log book.

"Come and get it! Come and get it!"

"Knock it off. We're right here, ...and we're starving.

"Bi-podal seeds?

"Beans, Vin'nyla, but no ordinary beans. These are from an old Southern recipe handed down to me by my father. And if you stick your nose up at these, you're not only insulting me, but generations of my family."

"In that case, I have little choice but to sample your beans. ...Hm! Surprisingly good. It does have a flavouring I am not familiar with."

"Ah! That's the secret ingredient."

"Got any more of that secret ingredient?"

"Be my guest."

"Thank you."

Perhaps 'because it is there' is not a sufficient reason.

"I'm hardly in a position to disagree."

’NGC 891 is an edge-on unbarred spiral galaxy about 30 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. It was discovered by William Herschel on October 6, 1784. The galaxy is a member of the NGC 1023 group of galaxies in the Local Supercluster. It has an H II nucleus.’ 

At the Welcome Habitat they look for bio-signatures such as Phosphorus. They play an essential role in life as they know it.

"And what is it you seek?"

"Nothing, I enjoy a sense of moral superiority in my ignorance"

The Earthling says:

"The Great Attractor is a mysterious place where the Milky Way, Andromeda, and all the nearby galaxies are attracted. It can't be seen because it lies in a direction of the sky known as 'Zone of Avoidance' where there is so much gas and dust. Also, it is tens of thousands of times more massive than our galaxy."

"You'll have a great time there. You'll be able to relax. I have been monitoring your progress."

"I'm doing this because I enjoy it." 

"I do not think you realise the gravity of your situation."

"On the contrary. Gravity is foremost on my mind. Look, I'm trying to make an ascent here." 

Concentration is vital. 

"I appreciate your concern but if you don't stop distracting me, I'm liable to be one with the visitor"

The Dark Forest Theory

suggests all alien civilizations remain intentionally quiet, hiding from reconnaissance efforts and possible hostile civilizations. It argues aliens may attack any civilization which does not remain silent.

"Admit it. We're lost."

"All right, we're lost. But we're making good time."

"I don't believe this."

"Bad news. Shore leave is cancelled."

"Rescued at last."

"Return to the prearranged coordinates for pickup."

"You can't tell them we're lost. We'd never live it down."

"What's the problem?"

"Er... We've been caught in a tetrahedron!"

"Shhhh, Shhhh, and we can't see a thing."

The slug is leading a double life.

S/He is an escape agent. 

S/He's in pain. S/He is a shape-shifter. S/He is pulled back and the camera pulls back to see them morph.

"I don't know where I am."

"You are OK - syntonic state."

S/He is an innovative artist. Their artworks are known for their realism, small scale, novel subject matter, and independent format. Their technique creates volumetric illusion through manipulating light and shadow. S/He contributes to the contemporary composite method of composition, and had originated an approach to the concept of the ideal form.

S/He wants to be seen so everybody knows they exist. 

In their absence, they talked politely and seriously, as if it was a scholarly phenomenon. No one at any time suggested that the visitor was traumatized and delusional. 

"I think s/he is surely exceptional, but I don’t believe s/he did it. I think she thinks she did."

"Yes, s/he thinks s/he did and so s/he did."

"S/He thinks they had the actual experience?"

"Yes. It gave her pleasure."

S/He falls into a coma. 

Being in a coma is like one long lucid dream.

S/He dreams about sun bursts and scenes from TV commercials.