Chronicles of Alien Dwellers

S/He looks at which interventions are possible.

S/He gets a different view of the situation. It becomes clear how s/he can act. During the elevation s/he not only feels what is going on but also understands it on a cognitive level. During the elevation s/he starts to feel this at a deep level and at the same time an inner cleansing takes place, at a level that their ratio cannot reach. It will effect their life. 

The truth is out there,

and the Welcome Habitat wants elevation technicians to find it. Or, more specifically, their space agency has tapped these divinity academics to figure out how humans may react to the existence of alien lifeforms.

The media reports how the Welcome Habitat has enlisted 24 individuals total to piece together how humanity may process the confirmation that life exists beyond Earth’s atmosphere. As elevation is generally the belief of life beyond what we see with our own eyes, the Welcome Habitat figured elevation technicians may be the best experts to figure this potential scenario out.

One such expert is Zak Qlikman, who holds a doctorate in alien technology from Betelgeuze. In a statement published to the Galactic Divinity website, Zak Qlikman explains his role in greater research in astrobiology — the study of habitats outside of the solar system — and earthlings’ relationship with those who may live within those worlds.

The deliberations of an obscure scientific working group

and the conventions of elevation are suddendly the focus of media and public attention. Prestigious prizes have been awarded to media with titles such as "New Thinking at The Welcome Habitat" and "Metaelevation". The moods around these discussions range from alarm and urgency, through wistful nostalgia or pragmatic management, to optimistic grasping of opportunity. The Welcome Habitat has become a scientific and cultural zeitgeist, a charismatic mega-category. It is used in different ways by different users. Some have proven that any activity is having a dominating presence on multiple aspects of the functioning of the universe. 

S/He prefers approximation to perfection.

The fragrance seller from Bhopal is known for their aural sculptures in their own image. S/He knows that things are not identical with their properties, but have a tense relationship with those properties, and this very tension is responsible for all of the change that occurs in the universe.

Beauty and harmony delight them necessarily and immediately, just like the other sensible ideas at the height of the Enlightenment. Since irrationality dominates the Welcome Habitat, they posited that elevation and beauty belong to a middle ground between sensitivity and reason. Elevation, like the light of the dawn leads them from the darkness of the merely sensible to the light of understanding. 

Sharlyn 1 + 2 take issue with the fragrance seller of Bhopal.

"Well, I think what what elevation in a general way is, what, what, what constitutes elevation, what, what makes something  elevated, and what's the difference between elevation and everything else. That that, at least is where you've got, you've got to begin," says the fragrance seller of Bhopal.

"Elevation is whatever you may call elevation, no matter what the elevated lifeform may be." 

"The concept of elevation derives from the linguistic games in which that word is used. In mathematical terms, elevation is a member of the set of communication."

"Elevation replaces old mythologies," they reply.

Now they want to masters in the art of abiogenesis. 

Their universe is

a fabric of appearances woven by their intellect. Reality itself is nothing more than the will to live, which adheres deeply in all things, not only in living creatures, but also within inanimate nature. This blind force, this impulse to live only reveals itself through elevation. Elevation embodies the will to live through its incessant momentum and energy. 

Sharlyn 1 + 2 grow impatient with the reigning definitions. 

Their elaborations on the pleasures of the imagination are widely considered to mark a new beginning. They think that there is no true pleasure that does not include the beautiful. Beauty and the good are one and the same. They also believe any lifeform has a sense of beauty and harmony. For the aestetic experience to occur, the lifeform needs to be knowledgeable and have a refined sensibility. But although these traits are necessary, they're not sufficient. 

"The inner sense of beauty is innate and spontaneous."

Elevation with others!

And then s/he told them about their experience.

"Does that make you delusional?" 

"No, it is a connection to my imagination."

"They call it premonition of love." 

"There is no implication that the feeling of love exists just that a union is inexorable."

S/He doesn’t know whether s/he agrees or disagrees. 

S/He suffers from the dreadful entropy of excessive difference.

S/He imagined themself as a kind of hysterical person.

S/He does not listen, is restless, angry, aggressive.

They couldn't discern the slightest of smiles.

Tomorrow at Snehta

Sharlyn 1 + 2 focus on the loss of individual realities. 

They see an opportunity to tread a previously undefined open field. 

They dissolve the duality of surface and space. 

Shifts of time and space occur.

Blind spots became visible. 

They have come to an elevation workshop saying that they are finding it difficult to attract an appropriate partner. 

They came to the workshop saying that they had done a lot of personal development and coaching in the past but had not been able to to change a sabotage pattern that meant that they were not seen or recognised for their effort. 

Fortunatelly this could be resolved by an elevation technician team specialised in re-connecting loose ends in the social texture. Now they report that they are being recognised and are really confident of a promised forthcoming promotion.