Some try to sell things they don't need,

others celebrate the things they already have.

A Félix González-Torres clone elevates along a Riemann curvature. The clone shape-shifts to a curtain made from nanotechnology-based materials for cosmic dust collection. It is like a stretched hand of their senses, that extends their ability beyond the limitations of the body. Technology is relied upon to communicate and achieve what the body cannot — to go beyond, to go “outside” of oneself.  

Application of nanotechnology in cosmic dust collection makes it possible to shorten the maintenance and repair periods of collector devices, and thereby reduce maintenance costs. The technicans at the Welcome Habitat are experts in elevation and cosmic dust harvesting but also in technology impact assessment. But their main concern is the competitiveness of their companies in the cosmic dust collection sector. Their curtain dust collecting system harvests effectively and quickly all cosmic dust and dirt. Over time they transformed their bussines into a religious cult. 

The curtain presumes to reveal its subject but, in the end, the curtain is the subject-matter, it contains the meaning. The very fact that it conceals and reveals simultaneously gets at an essential truth at the heart of significance — the dwellers must think from both sides of the curtain. 

But when the curtain closes, the series of events become an object-like memory composed of a myriad of moments. 

They engineer the fabric of reality.

They know all about the fundamental structure, from which everything in our quantum reality, emerges. 
They are experts in staging irretrievably lost moments.
They call it the Elevation Force. At the very least, it is starting to seem non-crazy to believe. A recent study shows half the universe already does.

S/He steps out of the door and got elevated. S/He rushes into a black hole. One would expect to get crushed. But the reality is stranger than that. The moment you enter the black hole, reality would split into two. In one, you would be immediately incinerated; in the other, you would emerge from the black hole completely unscathed. However, the reality shock could be life-threatening.

Later at the emergency room.

"Can you give me a minute with them?"

A staff member nods.

"Hey, how are you? They are going to take you down to have some tests."
"But they said no more tests."

The X-ray shows the small silhouette of the fragrance seller from Bhopal in the middle of their head. 

"I hope you know what this means."

S/He is OK - syntonic state. 

Elevation is contextual and collective.

It can be significant or superfluous. Elevation is a form of communication and they love elevating in large groups. It is a form of story telling where each and every moment is an own world. Through elevation they are performing a magickal act. When they share their moments of elevation they have a strong feeling, a strong bond with the others. 

Elevation can go wrong. A sure sign is a wave of sadness that completely consumes them.

An elevation technican has breached his duty of care. 

Now s/he embraces all the things s/he hated when they where together. 

At their home is a white coffin in the hallway. S/He turns and looks at the coffin. S/He starts to cry. S/He brings a bouquet of white flowers and lays them on the coffin. 

Their anxiety and depression, or "chaos" as s/he calls it, has taken over their life. S/He got paired with two strangers who are struggling with their own serious problems. They leave the Welcome Habitat for good.

The pursuit of happiness

is an inalienable right for the dwellers at the Welcome Habitat. 

They developed a peculiar idea about beauty: it is the promise of happiness.

They know that the judgement of taste is not a conclusion.

It is a hypothesis or rather a guess about what will happen when they spend time with an object.

But a promise doesn't have to be kept;

or worse it can be kept and be disappointing; 

or worse it can be kept and is bad for them and they don't know it.

S/He was a hostage of their subconsciousness and complex interrelationships. Now s/he is following a basic principle: get elevated, skip their own thoughts and opinions.

Compulsive elevation caused them to experience fullness in their head.
A day in the intensive care unit is necessary from time to time.

They enter the stairwell. They go upstairs. They walk to the emergency room. The door opens. They sit down on the edge of the bed. They touch them.

"S/He's burning up."
"I'll call the doctor." 
"That doesn't make any sense." 

S/He lifts the covers and s/he picks her up.

"What are you doing?"
"I came to help. I've put them on antivirals."
"Ahh, whatever... I thought you meant to harm them".
"No, I did run a tox screen."
S/He pulls their weapon on them. 
"Tell me, whose life is worth saving, yours or theirs?  

A door opens, it's security. The whole staff is looking through the door, wondering what the hell's going on. S/He pockets their weapon and walks out. 

S/He'll be back.

Side effects

of elevation are, for example, hallucinations or worse unwanted shape shifting in about five percent of the population. Inexperienced shape shifting can be terrible. 

Accidentally the artist Phyllida Barlow got elevated. Later she found herself exhausted and shape-shifted into a piece of art.

The artwork has a surrealistic touch. The lower part of the object appears to be a part of some device. The rest of it is covered in a strange, organic-looking material, with any shadow washed out by fog or some omni-present light. Some parts are naturalistically shaded, creating even greater contrast to the barren fog occupying the upper three fourths of the object. The fog is not completely featureless, however. The lower part of it is darkened, interspersed with streaks of color. The streaks give the impression of being shimmers of light, giving the whole section a look similar to a block of partly melted ice. The ice quickly fades out the blue, leaving what appears to be sky. The artwork is truly metaphysical and connects the dwellers and visitors through all conceivable aspects. 

It's absolutely stunning and the elevation technicians are happy that it looks so flawless.

S/He goes to the house.

S/He walks up the stairs of the house. S/He hears the alarm beep. S/He turns around and sees them try to elevate.

"You okay in there?" 

S/He nods. 

"Good. I'm going to be right here the whole time." 

S/He nods again. 

"Now we put some extra Hydrogel in there, so you tell me if it starts to hurt." 

S/He nods to a tech. They turn the Hydrogel up. A dial shows the pressure building. They put it up to 190. S/He starts to get uncomfortable. S/He is starting to cry. 

"Turn it off!" 

Their tentacles look like every vein is popped to the surface.

"Turn it off, NOW!"

"Hold on. Settle down. We'll get you out of there as fast as we can. You already look so much better."