Zak finds Charamaynne

standing on the rooftop of a dilapidated building, overlooking the Welcome Habitat below. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the towering structures and busy streets. Their minds have expanded, and they have grown more conscious of the world around them.

Charamaynne sips from a large coffee cup, taking in the aroma as the wind brushes against their face. Zak stares into the distance, lost in thought. 

"You know," Charamaynne says, breaking the silence, "It's like we're very different now."

As they continue their conversation, they are interrupted by a series of voices echoing through the air. The disjointed phrases echo from another realm, overlapping and repeating.

Both Zak and Charamaynne look around, trying to locate the source of the sounds, but there is no one else on the rooftop. The voices persist, growing louder and more chaotic. 

They feel a strange sensation.

A life form appears draped in shadows. It's as if the very essence of the voices has materialized into a physical form. The life form's voice is an eerie amalgamation of fragmented phrases.

"I am the embodiment of the illusions that cloud your perception."

As the last words leave the life form's lips, it starts to fade, its form dissolving back into fragmented echoes.