Zak feels disoriented.

"Hello?" s/he calls out tentatively, unsure of who or what s/he is addressing.

A group of translucent life forms materializes in front of Zak. They  appear strangely familiar. It is as if Zak has known them since ever, yet s/he can't place where or when s/he has met them.

"We are observers," one of the life forms says, their voice resonating in Zak's mind. "We have been witnessing the unfolding of countless realities."

"Realities? What do you mean?" Zak asks, still trying to make sense of the situation.

"All that you perceive, everything you have experienced, is a part of a vast simulation. Your consciousness is merely a projection, a construct within this simulated world."

"But why? Why create such an elaborate simulation?" Zak inquires, feeling a mix of fascination and anxiety.

"The purpose is to understand the nature of existence, to explore the potential outcomes of different choices and actions."

"Infinite realities are simulated, each branching off from the others based on the decisions made by their inhabitants."

The words echo around Zak, forming a strange tapestry of disconnected thoughts.