This is Charamaynne's life.

S/He works and lives here. S/He is paid to be interested. 

"A lot of money involved."

"One of the perks of the job."

"This job has a whole lot of perks."

(A visitor comes in)

"Can I help you?"

"I spied something never seen before." 

"I want you to keep it. Somebody will ask for it. Remember, it's crucial that s/he receives it."

This discovery immediately raised red flags. It is a mysterious form of matter that interacts with gravity, but not with light. "It is bizarre, to say the least."

"I'm the detective."

"Thanks for coming down."

"Where is s/he?"

"Can I get you some coffee?"


"We found them in an alley. Looks like s/he ran into someone guy who wasn't just asking for a quarter. Carved them up like a ham. Took everything wallet, credit cards. Got a real kick out of it. What's your connection to them?"

"I worked with them for 6 years. S/He was my boss. My friend."

"Hey, cigarette?"