They say that

they have to be cute.

"OK, they are cute, but are they cute enough?"

Following on the earlier success, the visitor from a planet that never existed announced that their team of researchers successfully cloned again Shaklyn 1 and 2.

Now Shaklyn 1 and 2 are advised to pout and cup their chins to pretend to be cute bunnies and kittens. The more fluff, the better.

But some visitors feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to commit an act of aggression when they see something cute. Researchers say cute aggression may be a neural mechanism that mediates feelings of being overwhelmed.

Later the visitor from a planet that never existed apologized for their actions. In an interview s/he said, "I was blinded by work and my drive for achievement."

Cloning Shaklyn 1 + 2 was followed by genetic modification. They received some significant improvements. With their advanced knowledge, they wind up practically anywhere they choose by activating an elevation device with the perfect trajectory throughout the galaxy and Universe.

They want to go home. But they failed.

"I am so sorry I thought I was rocking this elevation thing! I went the wrong way." 

"It says 28 minutes now! To turn around and get back."