They grow imaginary spaces like mushrooms.

They have imaginary friends. They elevate in imaginary spaces. 

The accidentally elevated @unknown.artists.collective teamed up with an extraterrestrial real estate agent to expand the @das.institut's activities to galaxy ESO 137-001. Located in the constellation Triangulum Australe, galaxy ESO 137-001 looks amazingly like a jellyfish swimming amid a sea of stars. The galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy — together, its stars form a spiral shape with a bar-shaped center — with a twist: streamers of stars that seem to drift like jellyfish tentacles. 

They finally spill information about making their book, giving insight into all of their activities. 
They perform multiple tasks and practices in various disciplines. 
A single profession will never indeed capture the essence of what they contribute to the language of art. 

Until their relocation to ESO 137-001 they expand our notion of landscape (@tiny.landscapes).