They embrace the Interstellarcene,

considering it inevitable and perhaps even a desirable epoch. Beyond simply trying to diminish visitors impacts, this philosophy argues for an enlightened Interstellarcentrism, where life forms should direct and manage its impact to deliver a “good Interstellarcene” through planetary management. 

The experts.

"I worked with them for 6 years. If s/he wanted to shut it down, s/he would've told me about it."

"S/He didn't tell you about me. But I wish s/he had."

"I was on an elevtion event when it happened."

"According to the security guard, s/he left the office at ten-thirty p.m., 30 minutes after your transporter arrived. Autopsy shows that s/he died around midnight. You had time to catch up with them."

"But I didn't. I went straight home."

"Didn't talk to them? Not even message?"


"You know, that's funny. We checked their communicator records. S/He made a call with their calling card at 11:02p.m. Your home number. I'd appreciate it if you didn't leave for a couple of days. And get that game fixed. It's missing a spring."


Restore. To restore messages, press "rewind" now.  Yesterday at two forty-five p.m. 

"I managed to reschedule..."


Yesterday at 5:14p.m.

"Hello, Charamaynne."


Yesterday at 11:02p.m.

"Charamaynne, it's me. Listen, I've stumbled onto something incredible. This changed everything. I'm here in some bar. In case something happens to me, I left you a massage in the system."

"I gave it to Charamaynne. How did you find me?"

"I've been talking to witnesses about the UFO's they've seen."