The Signal

Shaklyn 1+2 are leaving the artist's workshop. The elevator ascends. Lost in thought, they are startled when the elevator suddenly lurches to a stop, and the lights flicker and dim. The doors slide open, they step out into a world, filled with swirling colors and impossible shapes. The elevator vanishes into thin air. 

The sky is a deep shade of purple, and the stars shine with an otherworldly brightness. Out of nowhere, they see a group of visitors approaching them. One of the visitors holds out a small device. Shaklyn 2 takes the device. They feel a surge of energy. 

The device is sleek and streamlined, with a metallic sheen that shimmers in the strange light. A hatch opened to reveal a message for them. At first they think it might be a glitch in the data, but as they continue to analyze the signal, they become convinced that the message is intentional. The message says, "Meet us at the coordinates provided."

They find a massive spacecraft, hovering above the treetops. The spacecraft appears to be alive, pulsing with energy. Shaklyn 1+2 cautiously approach the spacecraft, a door opens.

Shaklyn 1+2 enter the structure. As they make their way deeper inside, they discover a vast chamber, covered in strange symbols and markings. They begin to realize that there is something else lurking within this fabric of mysteries. Something dark and malevolent that has been awakened by their presence. They know that they have to tread carefully if they are to survive.