Their universe is

a fabric of appearances woven by their intellect. Reality itself is nothing more than the will to live, which adheres deeply in all things, not only in living creatures, but also within inanimate nature. This blind force, this impulse to live only reveals itself through elevation. Elevation embodies the will to live through its incessant momentum and energy. 

Sharlyn 1 + 2 grow impatient with the reigning definitions. 

Their elaborations on the pleasures of the imagination are widely considered to mark a new beginning. They think that there is no true pleasure that does not include the beautiful. Beauty and the good are one and the same. They also believe any lifeform has a sense of beauty and harmony. For the aestetic experience to occur, the lifeform needs to be knowledgeable and have a refined sensibility. But although these traits are necessary, they're not sufficient. 

"The inner sense of beauty is innate and spontaneous."