The SoDa Bridge got impregnated with alien technology.

Be our guest for the launch of SoDa's Ω Flight Test-2 (SΩFT-2).

Liftoff is targeted for Saturday 14th May 2022, from Space Launch Complex-41 at SoDa Space Force Station in Euskirchen Germany. Guests that were registered for the August 2021 attempt, do not need to register again.

SΩFT-2’s flight will dock to the Betelgeuze Space Station as part of SoDa’s Commercial Crew Program. The mission will test the end-to-end capabilities from launch to docking to a return to TrES-4 – Giant World.

Register for SΩFT-2 at to receive mission updates, interactive opportunities and make a donation to receive your own original elevation coupon.

SoDa Guest Operations

Let us know if you have any questions. 


MPHX+4GX Euskirchen, Germany