The end of science has arrived at the Welcome Habitat.

Quantum Mechanics rule out free will. Superdeterminism says their choices are illusory.

The apparent randomness of quantum events; their apparent dependence on observation, or measurement; and the apparent ability of a measurement in one place to determine, instantly, the outcome of a measurement elsewhere, an effect called nonlocality.

Zak Qlikman derided nonlocality as “spooky action at a distance”. S/He insists that quantum mechanics must be incomplete; there must be hidden variables that the theory overlooks. 

Now they think of action at a distance, the concept in physics of nonlocal interactions.

"Now — now — I explain — when — when such power moves in, the strange sounds are caused by the power taking over.  You see Charamaynne squirming about because we are putting into them being high voltage and in order to receive us and maintain themself, s/he has had to build up their electrodes to meet our high voltage."  

(change in voice tone)  

"Well that's the way they come in.  And then they release me and then apparently I talk."