The door opens.

Some minutes later they enter the elevation device. They paired. But it got stuck because of a singularity in the device control. They unpaired and then paired again and thought at first that it fix it, but the elevation did not start working.

Calling something a "singularity" is a visitor's way of saying "we don't know what the heck we're talking about". 

"Is there any emergency button?" 

"They are on it over here. Don't worry."

"I understand."

"Please be patient. Someone will be right with you."

Eventually they made it.

"I am super excited for tomorrow!"

They're on a planet that is orbiting a star at 30km/s. 

That star is orbiting the centre of a galaxy at 250km/s. 

That galaxy is moving through the universe at a rate of 600km/s. 

Since they started thinking about this, they have travelled about 3,000km.