The communicator beeps.

"Please leave a message at the tone."

"Charamaynne, it's me. Listen, I've stumbled onto something incredible. This changes everything. I don't know how to begin. What are you doing?"

The communicator.

"You have new messages. You have two new messages."

First new message

"Five twenty-five a.m." 

"Charamaynne, don't forget to call The Fragrance Seller from Bhopal. The communication department is screaming for the contract. I'll have a notary come to the office at lunch."

Next new message

"Five forty-eight a.m. "

"It's me again. Please call me as soon as you get up."

Some aspects of perception are more illusory than others. Charamaynne believes artificial intelligence is conscious.

Next day

Charamaynne gives a talk, a mind-blowing, 15-minute distillation of their decades of research. 

Sometimes the term hallucination confuses life forms. Perception is arbitrary. Charamaynne is open to the idea that the physical world doesn’t exist in the manner we think it does. 

"Let’s assume things are out there and things exist,” s/he said. 

Charamaynne says s/he has come to a rather satisfying conclusion.

Reality, Charamaynne believes, is the hallucination we can all agree on.