The black hole

Gaia BH1 is their gateway to the tenth dimension. In this final dimension, they arrive at the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Beyond this, nothing can be imagined by the visitors.

The stars  begin to blur and morph, forming intricate patterns and shapes that seem to dance and twirl in front of their eyes. Charamaynne hurtles through the vast expanse of space. 

Shaklyn 1+2 suddenly find themselves in the company of Charamaynne. Shaklyn 1+2 know immediately that they are experiencing an interstellar hallucination, a rare but thrilling occurrence that has been the subject of countless stories and legends among interstellar visitors.

They are filled with a sense of joy and happiness, marveling at the beauty and complexity of their new surroundings.

But as Shaklyn 1+2 grapple with their thoughts and feelings, they are lifted out of the now and into a different plane of existence.

As the light fades Shaklyn 1+2 are filled with a sense of purpose and clarity, knowing that they have been given a glimpse of something truly extraordinary.