Shaklyn 1 is moved from the Welcome Habitat to their own house.

S/He's still unconscious, but maybe it is for the best. That way s/he doesn't feel any of the pain s/he's going through. 

Shaklyn 2 wants to be inside, too, but s/he doesn't think s/he could handle it without breaking out into a sobbing fit again. 

"I shouldn't be so worried and just plain old, genuinely scared, but I am. I am, and I hate it. This is all my fault." 

"No, it's not," Charamaynne says. "I'm the one who planned the blasted trip in the first place." 

"Actually, _I _was the one who suggested it. It's technically my fault." 

"Well yeah, but we were the ones who asked Shaklyn 2 about it, " s/he says. 

"It's our faults . " 

"I'm the one who talked Shaklyn 1 into it." 

"I shouldn't have pressed them. I should have just taken the fact that s/he didn't want to go, and left it at that, but no. I had to make them feel like s/he was forced to go. I... why didn't I just say 'Okay, you don't have to go if you don't want to'?"