Shaklyn 1+2 wake up

and find themselves in an intensive care unit. Tubes and wires are attached to their body, monitoring their vital signs. Charamaynne is sitting by their bedside, looking worried.

"What happened?" Shaklyn 1 ask weakly.

"You were hit by a blaster bolt," Charamaynne says. "We managed to get you out of there, but you were in pretty bad shape."

Shaklyn 1+2 winces as they try to sit up. "We have to get out of here," they say. "We have to find the visitor from a planet that never existed."

Charamaynne nods. "I know. But we have to take it slow. You need to recover first."

Shaklyn 1+2 grudgingly nod in agreement, knowing that they are in no condition to do anything yet. They lie back down, feeling the pain in their body and the frustration of their situation. They close their eyes, trying to gather their thoughts and make sense of everything that has happened.

As they drift off to sleep, memories of the attack flood their mind. They remember the lifeform with the weapon, the struggle, and the darkness that followed. They try to recall more details, but the memories are still hazy.

Days pass, and Shaklyn 1+2 slowly start to recover. Charamaynne remains by their side, providing support and encouragement. Shaklyn 1+2 use the moments of consciousness to gather information and plan their next steps.