Shaklyn 1+2 approached the artist.

The artist is employed at the Memory Extraction Facility. Shaklyn 1+2 had heard about their avant-garde work and were intrigued by their ability to tap into the surreal and the otherworldly.

Shaklyn 1+2 explain that they had been experiencing intense hallucinations and visions that they can't quite explain or understand. They want the artist to create illustrations of their hallucinations, hoping that their unique perspective could help them make sense of what they were experiencing.

The artist is fascinated by the challenge and eagerly accepts Shaklyn 1+2's commission. S/He begins to work closely with them, listening to their descriptions of their hallucinations and using their artistic skills to bring their visions to life on canvas.

Undeterred, the artist delves into drawing portraits of invisible creatures and sculpting statues out of whispers.

The artist finds themself once again exploring the limits of their own imagination. S/He uses bold colors, twisted shapes, and abstract forms to capture the surreal and dreamlike quality of Shaklyn 1+2's hallucinations.