S/He screams for Shaklyn 1 to get away from the edge.

"No one knew this was going to happen, " says Shaklyn 2. "I jump. I thought s/he was inside?" 

"You shouldn't go blaming yourselves." 

"How's s/he doing?"

"Nothing different," Shaklyn 2 answers. "S/He's still out cold." 

"It's our fault."

"No one's blaming you," says Shaklyn 2. "Shaklyn 1 wouldn't." 

Shaklyn 2 turns around again and walks back. 

"I feel awful about all this. I feel like it's my fault." 

"You saved them after Shaklyn 1 brought them back out."

"Look, I just wanted to tell you... Am I really going to do this?"

" There. I said it. No use backing down now."

"You... you were so calm. We . . . I was panicking. If it weren't for you, we would be having Shaklyn 1's funeral right about now." 

"I've been a jerk."

"The only time I actually treat them like family, or even a friend, is when their life is in danger." 

"That's true, but it doesn't have to be true. Weather you accept it or not, thank you. I don't know what I would have done without you." 

S/He turns to them and smiles. They smile back, but then they hear Shaklyn 2 's voice from inside: "Oh, that reminds me," s/he says, "you have some friends who want to see you." 

We all exchange glances, and then bolt into the Welcome Habitat almost as fast as lightning. We walk through the doorway, and cry out in unison, "Shaklyn 1 ! "