S/He can't shake the feeling

that what s/he had experienced was real. 
Shaklyn 1 gazes out at the expanse of stars, grateful for the newfound sense of belonging s/he had experienced. As s/he contemplates the significance of the encounter, s/he can't help but wonder about their fate being lost in the void.

But amidst their thoughts, a voice echoes in their mind, one that seems to emanate from the very fabric of the alien world around them. "Fear not, for we have already saved you," the voice says, as Shaklyn 1 feels a surge of relief and gratitude wash over them.

As s/he turns to leave, some visitors form a circle around them, their radiance intensifies to a blinding light. For a moment, Shaklyn 1 is lost in a state of pure bliss, a sense of interconnectedness with all that surrounds them.

Shaklyn 2 looking at Shaklyn 1 with concern. "What happened?" s/he asks, but Shaklyn 1 can't find the words to describe what happened. Instead, s/he simply smiles and takes comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone, that amidst the vastness of space, there are beings that share in their experiences and emotions. And with that, Shaklyn 1+2 continue their elevation trip.