Preparations for elevation are in progress.

Zak Qlikman impregnates the bridge with alien technology for the second time. 

Among other things SoDa's Ω Flight Test-2 (SΩFT-2) is in quest for the Graham's number. This number is so big that if they try to grasp the number, the 'Enthropy' of their brains will exceed the maximum possible limit it can hold  and their heads will collapse into a black hole.

"We cannot even claim to know anything about this psycho-spook. How well can we expect to comprehend motives and methods of aliens that we may not even recognize as being "alien" creatures? If they got here, I doubt they want to eat us, or even eat anything but "energy", with no need for toilet paper hoarding. But I'm an optimist about at least some of the alien beings."

The visitors indulge themselves in the entertainment play of interstellarcentric projection."

Video/photo: Valie Djordjevic