Pap Smear

Zak wakes up in the Memory extraction facility, the metallic hum of machines surrounding them. The memories of their previous reality is still fresh, a new awareness settles within. S/He knows that their entire existence is a meticulously constructed illusion.

"I've had enough, enough," Zak mutters to themselves, trying to make sense of the profound experience they've just been through.

As s/he contemplates their newfound perspective, someone enters the room. 

The life form seems excited and insists on showing something to Zak. S/He unveils a strange item, a Khloe Kardashian pap smear, claiming it was procured from the lab where s/he works in Hollywood.

Zak gazes at the cloudy substance, a mixture of intrigue and disgust. The life form explains that it's like a connection to the real Khloe Kardashian, offering a unique and intimate experience.

Despite their enthusiasm, Zak politely declines the offer to buy the item. Zak, aware of the illusory nature of their reality, knows that acquiring such an item won't provide any true connection to the celebrity.

"I'm pretty broke, though," Zak responds.

Zak prepares to leave. The life form seems disappointed that Zak didn't show more interest in the Khloe Kardashian pap smear. Zak mentions the fragrance seller from Bhopal, who might have a keen interest in the unusual item.

Zak heads out to meet Charamaynne, feeling a mix of emotions after the experience s/he just had. 

The remnants of their former existence persistently plague their thoughts.