Other side

Shaklyn 1+2 materialize on the other side. They find themselves in a sterile room with no windows and no doors. The only light comes from a pulsating device in the center of the room. Shaklyn 1+2 recognize the device immediately - it is the same one that has sent them on that strange journey through their memories.

As they look around, they realize that they are not alone. There are other lifeforms in the room with them. They are inmates - people from all walks of life, all staring at the device in the center of the room with a mix of fear and fascination.

Shaklyn 1 tries to approach one of the other captives, but is quickly pushed back by a group of guards.

"We have to get out of here," whispers Shaklyn 2, pulling Shaklyn 1 back towards her. "We have to find a way to shut down this machine."

Shaklyn 1 nods, but s/he knows it wouldn't be easy. They are outnumbered and outgunned, and they have no idea where they are or who is behind this operation. But s/he also knows that they have to try. They can't just sit back and watch as innocent lifeforms are held captive and experimented on.

Over the next few days, Shaklyn 1+2 work tirelessly to gather information and find a way out. They discover that the facility is run by a corporation that has been experimenting on lifeforms for years, using the machine to extract memories and information from their brains.

They also learn that the only way to shutdown the machine is to destroy the device in the center of the room. But that would mean getting past the guards, breaking into the inner sanctum, and risking their own lives.

As the days turned into weeks, Shaklyn 1+2 begin to lose hope.