Love Hotel

The night crackles with energy. The Welcome Habitat's rhythm is pulsating through the veins of the streets. Neon signs cast an otherworldly glow on the facade of the "Love Hotel," a building that beckons with vibrant lights and an air of mystery.

A conversation unfolds between Charamaynne and Shaklyn 1+2 who have just crossed paths.

"So how long have you lived here?" 

"Uh, somewhere in the neighborhood of about six weeks," replies Charamaynne.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, well, you know. I just skipped out of my old place. Been crashing on couches and shit," s/he confesses.

"Do you like it here?"

"You can't leave anything out."

As they talk, the conversation shifts to the peculiar events that unfolded in Shakly 1+2’s apartment. Ants invaded, creating chaos and devouring everything in their path.

"The ants have chewed through the Styrofoam cup. And they're like all the way in 'em and shit. And they ate the crackers. They ate the Ding Dongs, believe it or not. The only things left are cans and jars. We gotta put the bread and everything in the fridge. So everything's all cold," they describe, a mix of frustration and amusement in their tone.

Their banter continues as they explore the eccentricities of life, relationships and their enigmatic nature. Eventually, they find themselves in the Love Hotel.

Later they contemplate the unexplainable sadness that permeates the air.