It was all the visitor's from a planet that never existed fault.

S/He made Sharlyn 1 disappear. Bad things happen because it’s the only way they can keep remembering what good is supposed to look like. It is on the grounds that it's all a chain, and quite a while in the past somebody did the main awful thing, and that drove another person to do another terrible thing …

Now the visitor from a planet that never existed is the owner of a 2 billion enterprise on LHS 475 b, a small rocky planet 41 light-years away."

But Sharlyn 1 will take it all away from them.

"Tell me if you need any help."

"Mind to tell me where I am now?"

"You own this place."

"S/He didn't tell you about me. But I wish s/he had."

"Is anyone still at there?"

"Listen! I do not have all day."

"Anybody at the Welcome Habitat that can open that door for me?"