In a recent video,

Zak Qlikman, whose work Charamaynne rejects, notes that superdeterminism eliminates the apparent randomness of elevation. “In elevation,” s/he explains, “we can only predict probabilities for measurement outcomes, rather than the measurement outcomes themselves. The outcomes are not determined, so elevation is indeterministic. Superdeterminism returns us to determinism.”

"Glad I caught you."

"What are you doing here."

"Well, it's about ... Actually.  You said you spoke with them a few days ago.  Can you tell me anything about that conversation?  Did s/he seem strange to you at all?"

"Well, s/he'd been under a lot of stress lately. S/He asked me to fly to ..., so I could help with the company."

"Help them run it?"

"Shut it down."

"I worked with them for 6 years. If s/he wanted to shut it down, s/he would've told me about it."

"S/He didn't tell you about me. But I wish s/he had."