If the visitors all are down there,

hen the whales may know and be peaceful good neighbors with them. Maybe, like Charamaynne studies dolphin language, all the vistors start trying to communicate with whales, dolphins and other animal intelligences. 

"If you decide to let me in on your secret existence with a visit, please call ahead of time so I can brace myself for the honor of coffee, tea or so." says Charamaynne.

Their interaction code is "^ ZIP : {4 ~ ( Charamaynne ) } ZIP : COFFEE [ QUEEN park ]".

Of course, Deep Fake could produce this encounter, but it is accompanied by many identified witnesses with convincing testimonials. There is also some historical descriptions and many suggestive stories over centuries suggesting that the visitors have made the ocean areas their home. Maybe they came long ago from some planet from unknown light years away or are an inter-dimensional overlapping "string theory brane" - a multi-verse entry portal.