Happy New Year

A clandestine assembly of visitors forms on the brink of the New Year. The looming midnight countdown serves as a backdrop to a radical discourse challenging the established narrative.

As seconds tick away, an air of defiance saturates the gathering. Conversations weave through unconventional ideas, seeking to dismantle the pervasive control imposed by the Administration. The urgent call for a fresh inception permeates the dissonant exchanges.

The scene transitions to a hidden theater, a stage for an absurd drama unfurling in surreal proportions. Characters engage in poetic dialogues, contemplating the necessity of erasing familiar faces. 

A performance takes the spotlight, embodying the surreal dance of resistance. Characters grapple with the consequences of their mission, enveloped in rhythmic dialogues echoing the urgency of their cause. 

As the New Year emerges, the assembly disperses – some seeking refuge at the Welcome Habitat, while others stay, still captivated by the mesmerizing show. The surreal dialogues encapsulate  the struggle between conformity and rebellion in a world manipulated by invisible forces.

The narrative unfolds through disjointed scenes, a reflection of the characters' journey into the unknown. Rhythmic chants persist, underscoring the urgency of their subversive actions.