Engage timer. Preparing user for download.

Transference beginning. Download complete.

"I knew when Shaklyn 1 was planning to download. Now s/he's dead."

"It doesn't need a user to interact with it to function. Its units are fully-formed, self-learning cyber beings. Electronics, simulated characters. They populate the system.  They think, they work, they eat."

"Shaklyn 1 will become one of them."

They are walking around experiencing the now. Their body stays here and holds the consciousness of the program link unit.

"You think one of them units crawled up an extension cord and killed them?"

They don't know the truth anymore. Either they did murder Shaklyn 1 and they can't remember, or they are being framed. The one clue they have is in that machine. 

"We need help and I'm going to find it."