Aidan is a puppet master of manipulation. 

In a parallel universe where money holds the key to power, s/he orchestrates mean-spirited tricks and cunning schemes with ruthless precision, leaving a trail of emotional turmoil in their wake.

Zak Qlikman, finds themself ensnared in Aidan’s web of deceit. Aidan's wealth becomes the weapon s/he wields, manipulating Zak's reality and creating a distorted narrative that fosters a constant sense of guilt and inadequacy.

As Aidan's schemes unfold, the stark contrast between affluence and vulnerability becomes evident. Their social texture, driven by the influence of wealth, struggles to counter the insidious force that s/he represents. Zak, caught in the crossfire, grapples with the emotional toll of Aidan's calculated maneuvers.

In the absence of cybernetic enhancements, Aidan relies on the power of financial manipulation to shape destinies and control perceptions. Their wealth acts as a tool to mold reality, leaving those around them questioning the authenticity of their experiences.

As Aidan's narrative unfolds, it becomes a stark reminder of the enduring impact of unchecked narcissism in a society where the pursuit of power and manipulation takes on a new, ominous form through the lens of vast financial resources.