Charamaynne never expected to be in this situation.

S/He had always thought that their life was simple, straightforward. But everything changed when s/he received that letter. The letter that told them that everything s/he knew was fake. That there was another world on top of this one. 

Charamaynne didn't understand it all. 

The lifeform in front of Charamaynne, the one who claimed to know everything, was pointing a weapon at them. Charamaynne knew s/he was in danger. S/He looked at the lifeform's face, trying to understand what s/he wanted from them. 

"We're stuck here," the lifeform says. "You and me. And the rest of us."

Charamaynne swallowed hard. S/He couldn't believe that this was happening to them. S/He has always been a law-abiding citizen, never gotten into trouble. But now, s/he was a pawn in a game s/he didn't even know existed.

Charamaynne turns their head and sees another lifeform in the room. S/He looks at them with a mix of sympathy and disdain.