Charamaynne is a detective.

Charamaynne is casually dressed in jeans, beige trainers and a blue jumper. 

"What's between me and cold?...  Icecold."

The office - morning

"I don't smoke."

There are photos on the desk.

"This was their apartment."

"You should be there already."


"Would you excuse us?"

"Sure. Have we ever met before?"

"No, that's not possible."

"You look very familiar. Nice to meet you, Charamaynne."

13th floor 

Their research has led them to radical positions: the way you see yourself and the world is a controlled hallucination, Charamaynne argues. Rather than passively perceiving our surroundings, our brains are constantly making and refining predictions about what we expect to see; in this way, we create our world. 

"Hey, Charamaynne. How you doing?"

"Sliced them up like an animal. And for what?  S/He was the Einstein of our generation. It's a waste."

"What the hell happened while I was away?"

"S/He was jacking into the system a lot."


"I thought you knew. You didn't know?"

"No, I thought we were months away from the first trial run."

"We are. But you know, s/he was taking a big chance.  What was I supposed to do? You know how s/he is."

"Any complications?"

"None that I know of yet."

"Did he ever tell you s/he had any friends?"


"Because I think I just met them."

"You're kidding me."