Charamaynne grew up in a village.

S/He was a bookish teenager, partly out of necessity. S/He studied experimental psychology.

Charamaynne spends a lot of time talking to people about the spiritual implications of their theories. They aren’t compatible with a literalist belief in a soul surviving death.

S/He meditates daily.

Afterwards s/he eats a sandwich. 

"What is consciousness? Where does it come from?" 

S/He makes tea in a small kitchen with a large whiteboard covered with faded formulas and, scrawled over the top, the note: “What is the abomination in the white cup?” 

S/He walks through a warren of narrow corridors.

"Why can hours sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye, and five minutes feel impossibly long? Why are some people more suggestible than others – to the extent that, when they see a spider crawling up someone else’s arm, they will also experience a tickling sensation?"

"Well, I think what what elevation in a general way is, what what, what constitutes a hallucination, what what makes something a hallucination, and what's the difference between hallucinations and everything else. That that, at least is where you've got, you've got to begin. So, inevitably, as this as happens with, I suppose, most elevation topics."