Charamaynne could not resist

having #Dall-e do a portrait of her.

S/He described theirself as follows: "Charamaynne next door is a beauty in their 40’s and s/he is always staring at them with a little and soft smile."

Now s/he uses the portrait for their CV at a conference where s/he predicts that physicists might be able to confirm superdeterminism experimentally. 

Later at the office.

"Sorry I'm late. Have you had a chance to look through the paperwork?"

"Yes, I have. And I think we have a very strong case."

"What do you mean strong case?"

“At some point,” s/he says, “it’ll just become obvious that measurement outcomes are actually much more predictable than quantum mechanics says. Indeed, maybe someone already has the data, they just haven’t analyzed it the right way.” 

The confirmation dramatically changed at least one important variable. So projecting now there may be as many as 20 advanced techno-critters zooming around or "moving" around in clouds of psychic projection, in/and of out of the visitor's spacetime.