Beyond the subjectivity of taste

the visitors submit to the aesthetic laws. 

The Apollonian and Dionysian are comingled and synthesized during each elevation. The spiritual core of elevation itself is mythological. Nature's contribution to elevation is not a systematic program, but rather an unpassioned articulation of the sacred, festive and mythic nature of elevation.

"Become aware of your own experience outside of what you already know empirically."

"For me, it could be delusional. Is it about knowing the difference between reality and delusion?"

"Delusion is very different from imagination."

"Imagination ... I think this is really interesting. And I think it is a good thing. But nothing is going to necessarily be beautiful. It doesn't mean that it can't be beautiful, but it is .. it just isn't any longer considered a necessary condition. And so it disappears. We realize that there is no, there is no place for it anymore."