At the laboratory

They use six entangled photons to create two alternate realities — one representing Wigner and one representing Wigner’s friend. Wigner’s friend measures the polarization of a photon and stores the result. Wigner then performs an interference measurement to determine if the measurement and the photon are in a superposition.

The experiment produces an unambiguous result. It turns out that both realities can coexist even though they produce irreconcilable outcomes, just as Wigner predicted.  

The engineer looks at Charmayanne. Again Charmayanne attacks the engineer who brought the elevation device. S/He examines it with curiosity and admiration, then the s/he rips off the engineer's head and proceeds to kill other visitors. It happens as the engineer explicitly says: "You developed more advanced skills and technologies. You started becoming greedy."

But it is also possible that Charmayanne was growing inside of the engineer even before the elevation. Therefore the engineer attacks Charmayanne. S/He gets killed without being impregnated with new technology.