At home with Zak3

A Welcome Habitat tabloid interviews Zak3 for their regular feature: "The readers ask, Zak3 answers."

"Zak3, what is the reason for the confusion of Sharlyn 1 und 2?"

"This is easy to answer: they are autoclones. The miracle took place a long time ago. But the chain of events is ongoing and progressive. It all started with the washing machine, itself a development on several other time saving devices such as the scrubbing board and mangle. Then came Hoovers and Dishwashers, bread makers and so on. Autoclones are time saver too, they are fully automatic. Should there be anything out of the ordinary, the first clone would be notified immediately, directly by emitting audible signals. This is how the confusion started."

"Do you have any questions for Zak3?