An encounter unfolds between two visitors amidst a futuristic chaos.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Not much."

As they converse, it becomes apparent that one visitor harbors unconventional intentions.

The dialogue unfolds against the backdrop of a city where technological marvels clash with the remnants of a bygone era. Neon lights flicker alongside holographic billboards, and futuristic vehicles whizz past crumbling buildings.

"So, what, do you fancy yourself as some sort of artist, or what?"

"No, I'm an anti-artist."

"Oh, one of those hipster types that hang out in coffee shops and doesn't do much of anything, yeah."

"No, I feel like being an anti-artist means that... Wake up, Welcome Habitat. Only later will it clarify itself and become coherent."

As the conversation veers into cryptic musings, the atmosphere hints at a rebellion against the controlled order of the Welcome Habitat. The anti-artist speaks of a vision—a chaotic and explosive solution to societal issues.

"Weapons giveaway program. Anything you want. I wanna see everything blowin' up."

In this dystopian present, the visitor carries a message—a radical call for change, a chaotic artist seeking to unravel the threads of societal norms, armed with a vision that blurs the lines between creation and destruction.

The Welcome Habitat awaits the arrival of the anti-artist.