After they finally manage to get Shaklyn 1 out,

they wait outside the Welcome Habitat, staring blankly at the ground with deadpan expressions. 

Finally, Shaklyn 2 speaks up. 

"What happened?" s/he asks. 

S/He draws a breath and opens their mouth to answer, but no words come out. 

It dawns on them that they really don't know exactly what happened after s/he went under. 

"I... I don't know," s/he admits, rubbing their hands together for just a second. "You were dragged under ... and ... you were under for five minutes. But . . . I don't know what happened down under." They pause and choke back a sob. 

"You don't have to go on if you don't want to," s/he says. "You could tell me later." 

"I don't argue. I don't want to continue speaking although some part of me tells me I should. I know Shaklyn 2 is worried like one wouldn't imagine. _I'm _worried like one wouldn't imagine."

"S/He almost died," s/he says. "S/He wasn't breathing.  It..." S/He shakes their head. "It was the lightning incident replayed a second time. I couldn't...! couldn't hardly move. s/he was so close to death." 

"S/He'll surprise you. It's like s/he's playing cat and mouse with death. It ' s . . . I hate how s/he does it." 

S/He nods. "Me too," s/he says. "I can't stand it."