A small elevation incident happened.

The fragrance seller of Bhopal tries to take it upon themselves, which unfortunatelly creates additional problems.  

"... some think they are always right."

"Yes, that’s how it is." 

"Hey, hey, get back here."

"Where's the entrance?. Give me the key."

"Please open the door."

"Oh, my God."

"Get out!" 

"You get in!"

Most of the elevation sessions, when lifeforms complain about their problems show that they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Now they live in the Lyman-alpha forest.

Strewn throughout the universe are trees of hydrogen gas that absorb light from distant objects. These gas clouds leave numerous absorption lines in a distant quasar's spectra, together called the Lyman-alpha forest. Distant quasars appear to be absorbed by many more Lyman-alpha clouds than nearby quasars, indicating a Lyman-alpha thicket early in our universe. 

Much remains unknown about the Lyman-alpha forest, including the real geometry and extent of the clouds, and why there are so many fewer clouds today.