A secret organisation exists in the Welcome Habitat.

It is known as the Interstellar Information Agency (IIA). The IIA is responsible for monitoring and preserving knowledge across the universe, safeguarding the truth from those who seek to manipulate it for their own gain.

It comes as no surprise that Shaklyn 1+2 are agents of the IIA. They are highly skilled operatives known for their ability to seamlessly blend into any environment. They are experts at infiltration, gathering information, and executing covert missions with utmost precision. They work in pairs, relying on their exceptional synchronicity and trust to accomplish their objectives.

They are on a mission to retrieve classified data from a clandestine organization when Charamaynne encounters Shaklyn 1+2. Charamaynne has come across information that hints at a vast conspiracy. Charamaynne, intrigued yet unsure of the information' authenticity, seeks out the two agents.