Zak Qlikman is an experienced radio astronomy engineer.

The engineer is a stocky lifeform with a very short grey hose and a balding forehead.

Zak Qlikman wants a change.

S/He gives a list of things that you can actually present as beautiful even though they are pretty ugly. S/He says the only ugliness which can't be beautified is the disgusting. 

"A fascinating idea. And the disgusting causes pain. And s/he even talks about, s/he even says, the ugly can be beautiful. But the disgusting, that's the real antinomy. And s/he elaborates on that, in their vlog," says the fragrance seller of Bhopal.

The vlog entries are characterized by innovation and relentless challenges to convention. 

S/He is thinking about what s/he sees at the time, as popular entertainment. S/He ends up thinking that totally fake things are the real thing, totally fake depictions of virtue or real virtue or success or greatness or courage. Charmayanne thinks that the true nature of the ephemeral things s/he sees in the world is their idea. The triangles s/he draws in the sand are imperfect copies of the perfect idea of a triangle.