Welcome Habitat homeowners

know they are seen, sustained and wrapped in love.

"When I saw you on that beautiful, mild autumn day, it was hard for me to imagine you in a place in such a makeshift state."

"Things are not so motionless."

They shake their limbs. 

S/He holds on to them and turns them causing them to flop down on the floor. 

"Sometimes you don't want to see everything as positive 24/7. Sometimes you want to wallow in all the crap and in a little self-pity, until you notice how stupid it is and you can get yourself up again and just keep going."

"I'd love to go nuts, but someone at home has to pretend it's all perfectly normal."

S/He is in a king size bed, sleeping. 

They look through the glass door. They are worried. They walk in.

They take the green stuff in the vial out of their pocket and wonder if they should tell them. They put it away and walk on.

S/He woke up. S/He looks down. A hand reaches out and touches their shoulder. S/He looks up. 

S/He stands up and hugs them. S/He caresses their forehead and kisses them.

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

S/He nods yes.