S/He goes to the house.

S/He walks up the stairs of the house. S/He hears the alarm beep. S/He turns around and sees them try to elevate.

"You okay in there?" 

S/He nods. 

"Good. I'm going to be right here the whole time." 

S/He nods again. 

"Now we put some extra Hydrogel in there, so you tell me if it starts to hurt." 

S/He nods to a tech. They turn the Hydrogel up. A dial shows the pressure building. They put it up to 190. S/He starts to get uncomfortable. S/He is starting to cry. 

"Turn it off!" 

Their tentacles look like every vein is popped to the surface.

"Turn it off, NOW!"

"Hold on. Settle down. We'll get you out of there as fast as we can. You already look so much better."