Elevation is contextual and collective.

It can be significant or superfluous. Elevation is a form of communication and they love elevating in large groups. It is a form of story telling where each and every moment is an own world. Through elevation they are performing a magickal act. When they share their moments of elevation they have a strong feeling, a strong bond with the others. 

Elevation can go wrong. A sure sign is a wave of sadness that completely consumes them.

An elevation technican has breached his duty of care. 

Now s/he embraces all the things s/he hated when they where together. 

At their home is a white coffin in the hallway. S/He turns and looks at the coffin. S/He starts to cry. S/He brings a bouquet of white flowers and lays them on the coffin. 

Their anxiety and depression, or "chaos" as s/he calls it, has taken over their life. S/He got paired with two strangers who are struggling with their own serious problems. They leave the Welcome Habitat for good.