Zak and Aidan

Zak has known Aidan since long. After some years of distance they meet again at the Welcome Habitat. It seems that they don't share a lot of common interests anymore.

Aidan suffers from an autoimmune disease. S/He feels a deeper longing to understand the essence of suffering and the potential beyond surface-level actions. S/He eloquently shares insights gleaned from their extensive reading. Zak complains, frustrated with Aidan's seemingly borrowed ideas and lack of original thought. 

Feeling attacked, Aidan starts to doubt themself. S/He wonders if s/he truly has anything of value inside them or if s/he is merely regurgitating others' ideas. Perhaps s/he needs to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration to find their unique voice and purpose.

Zak finds solace in the unknown.

Aidan develops an inflated sense of self-importance and paranoid tendencies. S/He is preoccupied with the idea that people are out to get them or harm them in some way.