They engage with the ephemeral visuality of transition and displacement,

how objects and perception change and adapt within time and space. Based on their investigatory methods, they elevate fishes to test their perceptual limits. 

Technicans intranasally inoculate the elevation candidate with dozens of plaque-forming units of viruses under sevoflurane anesthesia. They monitor the behaviour of viruses while their host gets elevated.The fluctuating brightness levels of fluorescence of representative reporter immune cells show that they are working.

They discovered dendritic spines, which lead to an intense debate about the conceptual definition of memory. Recent discoveries point to a critical function of spines in the regulation of synaptic strength during elevation. Spines and the synapses impinging on them are the elementary units. 

It is a research race where all elevation agencies try to get top positions. “Algorithms help the winners to win,” s/he said. 

The algorithmic reality drives at the central logic behind the elevation technicans.

Some have no conscience, ... only their precious logic, others have two consciences, one for today and one for tomorrow.